I have ordered firewood people. That’s a sure sign that the ‘W’ is coming. I don’t say that word yet because I try and trick myself that Summer is around the corner but alas not. I’ve made a pact with myself that I’m going to get ‘jiggy’ with the ‘W’ season and all the delights it holds this year. And, well, try not to be a miserable sod. Let’s see what happens.

So after the initial shock of NO MORE TEDxQueenstown I settled back to the million emails I hadn’t got onto in the past couple of weeks, did some washing and generally dropped my jaw at the beauty around at the moment. If you blink it will be gone people of Queenstown and Central, so get snapping and breathe it in.

I ate the biggest plate of Oysters at The Sherwood (delicious), reached 4000 on Facebook (you gorgeous lot are still sticking around for my babble- amazed!), pulled on my big girl pants and got a little bit ready for Autumn and now you can read about it here. Thank me later.

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