Valentines Day is a normal day to me. Yes I may look wistfully out of the window to see if my prince has indeed turned up on a white horse with his satchel laden with cakes and tea, but then I realise it’s the postman and he’s 85 and he’s on a scooter. I’m a lover and some time fighter (with a hint of cynicism in me) but when it comes to flowers I LOVE getting them. (Hear that people of Queenstown. LOVE GETTING THEM). I love the whole process. The receiving a bunch, the look of glee when someone gives them to you, the inhaling of scent, the brushing cheeks against the soft petals. You could say I love getting flowers. (I think I did, did you get that?)

So when I arrived home bedraggled fresh from a completely non-romantic meeting to a mahoosive bouquet of flowers all for me, I whooped in amazement. Who loves me?

The Vase Fresh Flowers and Foliage Queenstown

see, says it right there.

Well it turns out The Vase Fresh Flowers and Foliage do. It said so right on the label- so I’m marrying Gypsy and her business right now. She just doesn’t know it yet. Poor love.

Hailing from the big old country of Australia, Gypsy is IN LOVE with flowers (I know I thought it was just me she was in love with, turns out, luckily for us, not). Making them for you, creating something for your special day or the very clever ‘trust the florist‘ allows Gypsy to create something unique, indivdual and beautiful and it can come along to your wee pad weekly. How wonderful to be greeted with a new bunch every damn week. Hail The Vase I say.

Immersing herself into the Queenstown lifestyle after a quick trip here 6 years ago, Gypsy and her flowers are becoming a staple at weddings, corporate events or just in your front room for you to stare at. Having recently completed a bouquet for ‘2 People 1 Life‘s’ wedding, her blooms took the crowd’s breath away.


Hello lover

I’ve had my flowers now for over two and a half weeks and they are still going strong. That doesn’t mean I don’t want some more. Oh no. It’s so easy to head over here and send me some. I’ll fall in love with you lickety split. Yes I just said lickety split. It’s the flowers. They got me. The Vase Fresh flowers and foliage Queenstown

The Vase Fresh Flowers and Foliage Queenstown

Cannot. Stop. Staring

The Vase Fresh Flowers and Foliage Queenstown

Stunning blooms all through the year

Contact Gypsy now if you’ve got ideas of what you would like,want her to go mad with creativity, you want to impress someone you’ve seen behind the checkout at the local supermarket or just because you love yourself.
I think you’re worth it. She will too, because her hearts made of gold that one.

Gypsy West
The Vase Fresh Flowers and Foliage
0226 476 954

The Vase Fresh flowers and foliage Queenstown

Oh go on then