I spied this lady when I first started on Social Media for Queenstown Life. In a town with a multitude of amazing photographers ( I mean come on so.much.talent) Emily’s photos made me pause for breath. And I don’t stop talking for many people.

Deep colours, dappled sunlight infused memories kept forever and ever. I wanted to get married RIGHT THERE AND THEN but I only have a 85 year old postman to grab.

Thank you Emily Adamson Photography

My Photograph
This is my best girlfriend who was visiting from overseas the day we climbed Ben Lomond. We had a Christmakkah in July (which is our own mix of Festivas/Hanukkah/Christmas) the day before and ate leftovers at the top and took in the view. In hindsight we possibly shouldn’t have gone so hard on the eggnog before this climb. It’s a favourite memory from a great time with loved ones.

Why you’re here/ how you came to be here/ your Queenstown life
I came here from Melbourne because I had family here and it’s a beautiful place.
Its been the most perfect town for establishing my Wedding Photography business because it is such a close community.

Favourite stuff to do aside from your work
Reading, grabbing coffee, drinking whisky, cuddling my cats, marathons (of the tv series kind), watering my garden, sleeping

Favourite spot for hanging out/ exercising/ spare time
It’s my peak season atm so I am not doing much except shooting and putting myself in lock down at the computer editing, with the exception of fairly regular visits to Kiwi Yo. I exercise at Lakes Leisure or run around the lake / what is spare time?

My favourite photographers are Henri Cartier-Bresson, Elliot Erwitt, Alfred Eisenstaedt and Trent Parke. Also currently really enjoying Zalmy Berkowitz and Rodney Smith

My main camera of choice is Canon mark 111 for digital and Canon eos 3 or Pentax 67 for film

Emily Adamson Photography Queenstown Life Guest

Photo kindly supplied by Emily Adamson