Angel Divine and an audience with Juliette Hogan

Enter. Your wardrobe will love you for it

So you know when you’re in a shop and you want to put everything on and then run screaming for you credit card? Well I’m sure you’ve then been inside the holiness that is Angel Divine.

We’ve become friends Angel Divine and I. Well, I lurk around the hangers and they smile and say hello. BUT….we had conversations about the fact that we both love clothes and we both love talking. Juliette Hogan is a stonkingly amazing designer. 1) she’s a woman in business (ticks a box for me) 2) she’s gorgeous (I like her already) and 3) she’s doing creative things in New Zealand that the WORLD KNOWS ABOUT. Enter “conversations with Juliette Hogan”.


Lovely lace


Imagine a gorgeous gaggle of women. All scanning delighted eyes over delicious Amisfield wine and new stock all wrapped up in Natalie Newland’s Angel Divine night and well there you have it.

Settled in for the evening we looked on in glee as the questions flowed. A confident sewer since the age of 12 (I think back to what I was doing at 12) she was originally put off doing fashion design and headed in the interior lane. Eventually (and thank goodness for us) stepping into textile design and eventually heading overseas to New York on her scholarship.


The stage is set


The label? Let me explain. Womenswear. Beautiful, clean, minimal and luxurious. Selfishly made with Juliette herself in mind (clever lady) and feminine, classic to boot. This current collection “take it or leave it” has been developed over time to show off silky prints and inspired fabrics from her travels to New York last year. Casual and always comfy New Balance sneakers (a collaboration) fit perfectly alongside feminine lines that are crisp and delicate.

The prints are her own and hers alone and this is something Juliette is very serious about. She’s also serious about women wearing the things they own and not leaving for them for special occasions, which I know I’m guilty of. Dress them down or wear some sneakers with them.

It was such a delight to be able to see the person behind the brand which is so rare these days. And wow what a woman. Infact what a gorgeous collection of women all in one room at the same time. Just priceless.


Welcome Juliette!


Some key pieces

IMG_7521Thank you Angel Divine and Juliette Hogan
Angel Divine
Stockists of all things glorious and of course Juliette Hogan.


Delicious Amisfield wine