Spoxe socks

If you become easily excited by socks stay tuned

I like cycling. No I love cycling. You may have got that from all the photos of my bike. My bike up mountains, my bike leaning provocatively against lamp posts, lazing around on the ground. Bikes don’t complain. Bikes don’t steal your last m&m. Bikes just are.

SO, when I choose stuff to wear on my bike it has to be good right? All the gear, no idea springs to mind although I do have an idea about what is comfortable, looks ace and doesn’t make my bum sore. I’m riding for hours in the heat, rain and wind and so my feet also want to feel good too. Along comes Spoxe. When you find something good, keep it close but shout it from the rooftops.

They make dead good clothes and they also have a blog. That makes me laugh. I’m sold people. Now if they also delivered cake and gin I’d be giving them all my money in sponsorship. But they don’t. And I don’t have any money so there goes that idea.

They even crash test their products “we even crash tested our gear by crashing hard totally on purpose and not at all accidentally because we’re great and skillful cyclists. honest.”

So I went for a ride and it’s been the Summer of Summer’s here. But the day I set out it decided to (politely) crap it down. These socks kept my feet toasty. And I mean toasty in a ‘it’s Summer but it’s actually freezing’ way. Brilliant. They are a lot tougher than normal sports socks and so I felt like a pro (obviously) and I had the driest feet. I love you Spoxe.

Spoke Dead Good Cycling Threads

Socks that are actually BETTER than the view

Now, they were in Melbourne but the silly people went to live in the UK BUT they are still live, still delivering and still riding. Just because it’s cycle-cross doesn’t mean they’re bonkers (they are) and that it’s usually in the rain (it is) but there’s no cycling prejudice here (a little bit).

Read all about them here and buy their dead good stuff here

Spoke Dead Good Cycling Threads