Did I mention we have a book club? I didn’t, well here it is! It’s an amazing example of the internet bringing women all over the world together. We have hooked up with Poppy Loves over in the U of K to read books with other women now broadcasting to Iraq, Brisbane, London, Brimingham, Queenstown, Devon. Did I mention how marvellous that is? I did? Tough.

We are currently reading ‘Dodger’ by James Benmore which is set on the mean streets of London six years after The Artful Dodger is released from prison. Don’t know the story of Oliver? Now’s your chance to read that and then this! A total classic.

We meet every month in the beautiful upstairs bar of Madam Woo and then online all together a few days later and have a right ol’ laugh. Love it. What’s that? You want to join? Welcome! Just email me here. You can be in Wanaka or Cromwell or Alexandra or anywhere! Some is on line and some is in person….email me and I’ll explain.


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