Issimo shoes and bags Queenstown

Mighty Purse and cocktails a go-go

My name is Queenstown Life and I am addicted to Social Media.

All well and good when I’m at home with an ample supply of battery power to juice me up but not so good when I’m swanning around this fair land of Queenstown and Central Otago taking photos, recording moments and emailing all and sundry. Most of my work is done from my phone and I need it. By george I need it and when I look down and see 4% battery power left and I’ve a meeting coming up it makes my head want to fall off. Until now……

Issimo Queenstown is a mecca for all things gorgeous. Shoes, jewellery, watches, and now the Mighty Purse. An absolute staple in any ‘girl about town’s’ lifestyle. Want to know more? Let me explain.

Issimo shoes and bags Queenstown

Issimo Queenstown and The Mighty Purse in Icy Purple

The Mighty Purse is a beautiful leather clutch purse in a huge array of colours AND includes a charger battery for your smartphone, which charges your phone twice before you need to recharge that battery.  BOOM!

There are an array of colours and it took me ten minutes before I chose Icy Purple because, well, why the heck not. Purple is a hue between red and blue and it goes with everything. Do not disagree with a girl with no battery power.

The Mighty Purse is made from a gorgeous soft leather and yes, I breathed in deep when I got it. Who can resist the smell of a good leather purse. Not me for one. So I’m the one in the back of the bar smelling my purse and charging my phone. Who needs friends when you have the Mighty Purse.

Issimo shoes and bags Queenstown

It’s small but compact enough to get my phone, lipstick, credit card (so I can buy the green one I spied when I was in there last time) and the charger (slim fit for more room for everything else) and you can use it as a clutch or has a little removable handle if you want to change it up. No more running screaming for home at 8pm I can now stay out til past midnight and no pumpkin in sight.

You’ve been a good girl this year, and santa wouldn’t want you to miss taking a snap of your boss photocopying his bum now would he.

Sold exclusively in the town centre at Issimo Queenstown. Don’t miss out as after this piece there will be a stampede of women (and a few men) needing one of these badboys for presents, for themselves and if they need to look glamorous on their next hike. Because who wants to look shabby on the mountain side when you have a phone up there that needs charging? Now you don’t have to.

Retailing at $159.90 go now people.

Issimo Queenstown
1 Searle Lane
03 442 8143

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