And so it begins, our chance to get our (my) grubby hands on the best that Queenstown and Central Otago have to offer in the way of creatives. Photographers, artists, cake makers (of course), ukulele players……the opportunities are endless. I’m bringing them to you dear readers and if you’d like to feature and be seen here just get in touch.

First up:

There are a plethora of photographers here in this area (do you like the long words- it’s Monday, where does this stuff come from?) and I love how everyone is so different. At #Snappers group I love to see how we can look at a view and take it from so many different perspectives.

Excitedly here is the first post, in hopefully a long line, of our ‘guests’ I am honoured to be able to showcase some of the best here in Queenstown and Central Otago and bring them to you.

The brief: A photo that is about their ‘Queenstown Life’, a wee blurb about them and thats it! Difficult to choose only one but I’m impressed they delivered.

First up:

Jim Pollard. I chose Jim to be my first as I love the colours in his photos, they always make me think of Central Otago and Italy for some reason- the golds, the richness. The lipstick is always so prominent, the lines of the mountains so other worldly. He’s also from the UK, so he’s a friend already. (We gotta stick together)

Jim Pollard aka Jim Pollard goes click
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“I’m Jim, Father of Charli and Toby, husband to Vicky, walker of Moose and a photographer from Jim Pollard goes click. I’m from South Devon in the Uk originally and have been in love with the outdoors and especially Alpine settings since forever. I dropped into Queenstown about 18 years ago and totally fell in love with the place. For a long while I flitted back and forth between following Winters in NZ, Europe and the States (where I met Vicky). We looked at various places to settle such as Chamonix or Breckenridge but Queenstown won hands down. We started out business just under 2 years ago, predominately shooting weddings and with a mix of other stuff here and there.

I chose this recent pic from out walking our dog Moose on one of our favourite trails, the Mt Crichton Loop. I love then fact that this trail leads you amongst native bush, mountain rivers and historic relics, is just 10 min drive from cosmopolitan services of downtown QTN.”


Queenstown Life Guest Photographer

Photo courtesy of Jim Pollard


Thank you Jim Pollard
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