Koko Black Chocolate Queenstown

I’m going in.

Today I went to heaven, the heaven that is on this earth. Chocolate heaven also known as Koko Black. Koko Black is a beautiful chocolate experience started in Australia and thankfully, wonderfully, is now here in Queenstown.
Thank you Koko Black we salute you.

The minute you step inside the gleaming white doors you are transported into the safe warm arms of the staff who are at your beckon call with one thing in mind. To feed you chocolate, the best chocolate you can only imagine. It’s like Willy Wonker on steroids.

Do I stop there? Oh no dear readers it goes on. Shall I begin, got you comfy pj’s on? Then here we go.

We tried chocolate ice-cream, vanilla bean ice-cream, Ganache, hazelnut cluster milk, salted caramel dark, caramelised coconut almond praline white, Gianduja (jan-du-ya), fresh cream raspberry dark chocolate fondant (that only has a 6 week shelf life *runs to get keys* before it goes off), and a 54% dark chocolate hot chocolate brewed for between 45mins and 1 hour and has been developed over many years. I am talking chocolate people. I am talking good. I am talking drop your children at someone’s house and go now.

Shane Hills is a absolute diamond when it comes to talking chocolate and luxury. He knows his stuff, he wants you to know about the chocolate stuff and he is so excited about it you can’t help but want to know more. A Tasmanian at heart he has travelled to our wee little town to make sure the salon (I love that word) is up and running to it’s full potential. Working alongside Elizabeth Davies (pastry chef/ chocolatier and all round lovely lady) Shane has made sure that what you see is what you get and you definitely see what Koko Black has to offer.

If you love chocolate this is the place to go.


Hands off I haven’t finished it


Started in 2003 in Melbourne the Koko Black experience has been keeping smiles on dials for a wee while now. The whole essence of the place is to indulge, experience, treat, luxuriate and enjoy as soon as you walk in up to the minute you walk out. Until the next time you decide you need a piping hot silky hot chocolate or just a taste of something sweet. I’m thinking every morning now I’ve sampled some but I just need them to do home deliveries……. new idea Shane?

Koko Black Queenstown

I’m going in……

Koko Black Queenstown

Silky smooth piping hot, the way hot chocolate should be

Don’t just take my salivating word for it, get down to Rees Street this afternoon. Maybe skip breakfast and lunch and have a tummy ready for chocolate heaven. A favourite? The fondant and this fondant isn’t the one at the bottom of the christmas tin nobody wants. I’ll fight your granny at christmas for this.

Koko Black
29 Rees Street
03 409 2055
Mon- Sun 9am-10pm

A gorgeous selection of chocolates, ice creams, hot chocolates and savoury delights to tempt your tastebuds.

Koko Black Queenstown

Beautiful gift boxes

Koko Black Queenstown

Orange segments dipped in chocolate (see one of your 5 a day!)

Koko Black Queenstown

Silky Hot chocolate

Koko Black Queenstown

It’s nearly empty…I must return

Koko Black Queenstown Koko Black Queenstown Koko Black Queenstown