I am blown away at what women are doing in this community. Squirrelled away in their homes creating, designing, business-ing. (It’s a word damn-it) And all the while keeping up with family, children, work, looking good, paying the bills and laying driveways. Which is the state of play I met the gorgeous Amie in at her home in Jack’s Point.

The driveway was being layed. Actually being layed. I said I’ll come back but nothing was a problem for Amie, who took it all in her stride as we settled into her gorgeous front room, sun streaming in, clouds passed by like candy floss.

graphic design Queenstown

Lusso Store caught my attention on Instagram  and I remember thinking it must be a really posh shop in another country somewhere. The selection on the page were simple, delicious, delicate pieces. Jewellery, art, cushions, candles, purses and wallets galore. But when I delved deeper I discovered Lusso was right on my doorstep. I literally ran to my shiny computer and typed “I NEED TO MEET YOU”. Thankfully Amie wasn’t scared of my shrieking and invited me round.

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design queenstown


design queenstown

And oh what a treasure trove there was. Globally gathering small ranges to showcase here on her website means we can get our grubby little hands on all things ‘other world’. I don’t mean in a religious sense I mean outside of our little bubble. That I sometimes forget I’m in. Well made pieces from small businesses all over the world.

Some of the ranges she stocks;
Scout & Whistle
Status Anxiety
Terry Chisholm
Studio Ditte

graphic design queenstown

Alongside Lusso, Amie also runs the extremely successful I Heart Design graphic design company. Beautifully designed logos,brochures, posters, business cards (I know where I’m going when I’m famous enough to need a business card). All simple, elegant and with tons of style wrapped up in Amie’s signature designs.
She likes people to go with their gut when they see her designs. Don’t obey other’s opinions, just do what feels right for you.

design queenstown

Whilst all this is going on (and the laying of the drive no less) there’s a wee creature who demands out attention. Saatchi  the Bombay cat creeps in and wants to know what we’re up to. I’m trying to keep from stuffing cushions in my bag and wondering how a woman this gentle, this relaxed, can be mum of one, business owner of two, wife, layer of driveway, owner of cat and still look so good.

I am also intrigues by her inspirations. When you look at the views from the Jacks Point home you can see some of them. 360 ° views of the beauty of our little bubble and yet there’s so much more in her work that comes from being part of a family, fashion, art, music, culture. And knowing just knowing what you love is enough to have it available for people to also love.

design queenstown

The sun was streaming in through the windows and we got cracking. That is I talked none stop and Aimie listened interjecting every now and then. Poor thing didn’t have a chance. On discussion was the amazing creations she had filled her website with for us to buy. I love Queenstown, but sometimes the shopping is limiting when you want something European or a little bit different. Art work is top of my list and when I’m old enough (and the bank’s silly enough) to let me buy my own home I’ll be on this site like a fly to honey or Queenstownlife to Lusso. ‘Nuff said.

Fortunately Amie has good taste and so everything she buys in is carefully selected to be of the finest quality. Lots of handmade items with something a little bit different. And I want it all.

design queenstown

I Heart Design