I had the absolute pleasure of meeting The People’s Bread for some toast and tea over in Wanaka. The sun hadn’t peeped out of the clouds yet and I was settled warm and cozy in Ruth and Jeremy’s abode slurping tea and saying yes yes yes to toast, butter and jam. The fire was on, we got cracking.

I was first introduced to The People’s Bread when I helped out at TedxWanaka some months ago. The first meeting saw us chomping on bread that Ruth had brought us. Warm, thickly slathered with butter, the sourdough (of which the loaves resembled something you could knock someone out with) we had was divine and I was hooked and wanted to know who these people were and why wouldn’t they make me bread everyday.



When I think of bread I think of my family. Tea, toast and cake is something that makes me feel instantly comforted. Safe, warm, looked after. And this was the set up I found in Albert Town at Ruth and Jeremy’s home that equates to a house, plot of land and work space for a positively buzzing ‘word of mouth’ business brimming with action, meaning and love.

Starting by making bread of their own ten years ago, Ruth and Jeremy discovered what real bread was through friends. Coming to Wanaka a few years later they wanted to create a business out of something they loved, a community of people who believed in their product and alongside they educated their 4 children about simple, delicious food.

(Yes 4 children a thriving business and coping. Superhero’s the pair of them)


Bread made with love

This is where the People’s Bread come into their own. They are also passionate about the messages they want to give out to their customers. Their bread is ‘proper’ bread. They grind their own organic flour, there are no added sugars, yeasts, dairy or words that you have to ask your mum what they mean. Just plain and simple. The way we like it. Expanding at a rate they can cope with, through word of mouth, they deliver to people on an electric bike and get you your daily bread (as it were) in time for when you roll your crazy-haired self out of bed.

A sentence that resonated with me that Ruth kept repeating “we just kept on making bread like that”. Once you make something that’s good you can’t go back. It’s like riding in a ferrari and then getting back into your old 1984 Subaru that’s had it’s engine fitted by a plumber. You can’t do it to yourself. Especially when the Ferrari gets delivered to your table warm and ready for driving.


The science-y bit. Rye, wheat, water= ta da!

Cheap bread amazingly is very complicated (the refined food process) this bread is not. I’m so glad as my brain can’t ‘do’ complicated. I like things that are simple. Bread, jam, cheese, lemon curd, peanut butter. Cake. Oh dear there I go. Off track again.

They have education and information about their bread, they know what they’re talking about and the bread brings out the best in us all. It has superpowers. I’m sure of it.

They should have the slogan ‘saving the world, one loaf at a time’ tattooed on their foreheads. They believe in this product so strongly. It’s a wonder to see and I for one see this bread in my future.

You can order online and within 24 hours delicious bread can be yours. This is, simply put, life changing bread.

The People’s Bread