I don’t know about you, but I’m not the best person in winter.
I get cold. I moan.
I like to wear so many layers I don’t see my pasty skin for about 2 months. “Oh skin, I forgot about you. You’ve been hiding”.
I usually end up drinking far too much red wine but you know “it’s winter”. (I can see my mother shaking her head already)
So last year after another winter finding that the only conversations I was having were “what’s your source of heating”, “do you get pine or macrocarpa” (it’s a very important question) I decided I should plan my winter and all it’s delights.

There’s SO much going on here in winter that’s not just about being a dude and wearing your trousers around your undercrackers. So I’m getting right into it.Dates for you diary:
May10th Tour De Femme Women’s only ride-hardcore and none hardcore options. Now running from Cromwell. Get out the lycra ladies.
15th Upfront session. Another great event from the guys at Fluid Communications. Ten minutes for each speaker from a range of backgrounds. Pictures, talk and questions. 
24th Frontrunner Series/ Active Qt (Jacks Point) begins
5k and 10k running options. Run up some hills, throw up on your shoes, win a cupcake. It goes off. 
14th-24th Jesus Christ Superstar at the Memorial Centre
31st May- Beginners Bread making at Rippon Hall


7th- Coronet Peak Ski field opens
20th Winter Festival Begins. Parties, music, kids stuff, dogs and suitcases, men in knickers, people in the lake when they really should be drinking hot cocoa and lying by a fire. 
20th- Cardrona Ski filed opens
21st- Remarkables Ski field opens
21st- Tedxwanaka Speakers, communities, food, drink and a whole lotta cool in one room for one night. There’s only 100 tickets. Don’t be the one saying “i wish i had gone to that”.

21st- Frontrunner Golden mile. Run one mile through the streets of Queenstown in front of tens of thousands of people all smiling and wondering what the hell you’re doing. And love it. 
27th- Treble Cone opens
28th- Frontrunner series at Jacks Point


5th-The Mule. Grrrrr like a tiger and get over those monkey bars, crawl through that mud and help each other run across 10k’s of terrain. Help!
4th-8th Wanaka Mtn film festival
6th Queenstown Wedding fair. Nothing to see, moving along 😉
10th-11th Queenstown mtn film festival

19th- Frontrunner series at Jacks Point
26th- Peak to Peak. Standard craziness of a race. Start at the top of Remarkables Ski field and ski, bike, run, kayak all the way to Coronet Peak. Muchos admiration to all.


30th Gay ski week begins. Dancing, cabaret, skiing, parties and generally being fabulous. This has it all. 
30th- Frontrunner series at Jacks Point.
30th- Great Naseby Water Race. 100k, 80k or 50k running through the forests of Naseby. Bring it on!

Just a smattering of stuff on in the next couple of months. If none of that floats your onion, let me know of your events, going’s on and general tom-foolery that I can add here, or on any of these networks.