I like theatre as much as the next man, but my life is so social at the moment (ok I can’t move from the fire and my big socks) My gorgeous roving reporter offered to write me a piece about Jesus Christ Superstar.
There is so much talent in this town and community theatre is NOT what it was in my day- sets falling over and borrowing your grans tights for a costume.

Thank you Katharine Franey (and now please stop singing at 7am)

I have watched an obscene amount of musicals, including many on the West End and on Broadway (yes, I’m a musical geek). I love the hustle and bustle of the audience as they make their way to their seats, the powerful vocals from the cast, the dramatic music from the orchestra. To me, the best performances are those that literally give me goose-bumps and bring tears to my eyes!

So, when Queenstown Life asked me to write a review of Showbiz Queenstown’s amateur production of Jesus Christ Superstar, I jumped at the chance and went to see the final night’s performance at the Memorial Hall.

For starters, this was far from amateur. For those of you may not be aware, Jesus Christ Superstar has one of the most difficult songs in all of musical theatre to navigate. So, when the very talented and local performer Finley Brentwood – playing Jesus – totally nailed the high note in the song Gethsemane, I, along with the rest of the audience, were blown away! Talk about goose-bumps! It’s no wonder Finley received a standing ovation during the finale. I was also impressed by the stunning Lisa Moore, who played Mary Magdalene, during her somewhat moving rendition of (one of my old time favourites) – ‘I don’t know how to love him’. And lastly but by no means least, Paul Halsted did a great job of playing the betrayer – Judas!

Just as impressive, this musical is Marty Newell’s directing debut! His vision for the performance was based on a modern take of this original Rock Opera. And by modern take, I’m talking the inclusion of police, a high security prison, reporters etc.. As I’m sure many of you know, Jesus Christ Superstar is the telling of the greatest story of all time – the last week of Jesus’ life leading up to his crucifixion. Marty set it in today’s modern world yet returned the piece to its rebel roots, allowing Tim Rice’s aggressive lyrics to offend, stun, shock and disturb. I think it’s fair to say, Marty definitely achieved what he set out to achieve!

Well done to all involved. I’ll look forward, as always, to next year’s production!