“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”Ferris Bueller


A very wise man’s reply to my “where do you want to go to on holiday?” was “why would I want to go on holiday, when I live in the most beautiful place on earth?”Well said wise man.

Sometimes staying put when you have time off is the most intelligent thing to do. It’s time and money saving and looking around at where you live can uncover hidden delights you didn’t know existed.

I set out to have a holiday in my own town.

A good friend of mine flew into Queenstown for a day and a half and wanted to show him EVERYTHING in one day.
After having a rather long leisurely breakfast and not being able to move for the next hour I realised this wouldn’t be happening. So we got in the car.First up breakfast- for me (old) Vudu is gold. Scrambled eggs, toast, potatoes and sausage start the day off juuuust fine and a good coffee to boot, you can’t go wrong.

Next we headed out towards Glenorchy to, as I and many like to call it, ‘photograph corner’. As you swing around the corner of a large rock face the view of Glenorchy, Pig and Pigeon Island comes into view. The day was a stunner and so the paps were out in force. We joined them.


NO Alteration! Moke Lake in all its autumnal glory


Turning around from here we headed for a walk around Moke Lake. Turn off onto the Moke Lake road and drive all the way to the 2nd of the lakes you come to.
I’d forgotten how gorgeous it is up there on a clear bluebird day and the lake looked like glass. Such a beautiful quiet place and if no one has mentioned it before walking is FREE  (shhhhh don’t tell everyone). A mere 6k around the lake and we were back in the car.Next up was Arrowtown. It is here you find pies. We had managed to work up an appetite and pies from Arrowtown Bakery are GOLD. Sitting in the sunshine marvelling at the beauty of this wee village and eating a large pie cannot be beat. You can take the girl out of the UK……….(I had steak and cheese)

I couldn’t be in Arrowtown and not take him zip up the ‘zigzags’. The first part of the Crowne Range (just out of Arrowtown on the road to Wanaka) where the whole of Queenstown and Arrowtown can be seen.

I then demanded a nap. I’m old. So sue me


Meeting up later in town we headed straight for The Bunker. A gorgeous little bar (and restaurant downstairs) hidden away down Cow Lane.1) There is heating outside
2) There are cocktails with Gin AND Champagne in them
3) There is James Bond playing. (and if you go to the restaurant you’ll feel like James Bond. Go. You’ll see what I mean)

No other explanation needed.

I then needed my 2nd sleep of the day. My friend commented on how lucky I was to live here. We used to share an office overlooking a carpark. ‘Nuff said.

Sometimes you just need to look around, breathe it in and realise what you have.

Right on your doorstep.