Before I moved to the Island of the Long White Cloud my dad used to make me coffee in a large cup with a dash of milk and a heaped teaspoon of instant coffee. (which looked like gravy). England cafes (not all) but most do coffee badly.New Zealand does not.  (it deserves underlining)

We often comment here at the QueenstownLife office (my front room) that you can travel to an eeeeny weeny town in NZ and enter a cafe and be greeted by the fresh aroma of a coffee maker. And we love you for it.
Hence I thought, let’s take a coffee journey through the cafe’s of Queenstown (there are many), and find the best so you don’t have to. (Trawling cafes full of cake’s and other tasty hot beverages is something you don’t need to be doing when I can. (You’re welcome)

So we picked a few and here they are:
Joe’s Garage
QT Resort College
Vudu (the old one)
Short and Sweet

Federal Diner


Joes Garage
When you walk into Joes, the aroma of Coffee and bacon hits you (in a good way). Im a weakling so I always go for a Trim Single Shot Flat White (my friend’s LOVE ordering for me). I also order take away to see if I can get it at 9.45 and not be late for work. (I know I know, I live on the edge)
Time:10 mins from order to coffee in my hand. Perfick.
Coffee: Hot, tasty and not weak at all.
4/5Searle Lane, QT


Short and Sweet 
It’s a newbie and being a creature of habit (I am totally not) I ventured into the unknown. A location which hasn’t done particularly well for some businesses but this one looks like a winner.
Time: 10 mins from smiley coffee order taker
Coffee: hot, strong and only bad thing- I got blue milk instead of green. (Not acceptable in my house usually) but the girl seemed new (and we’ve ALL been there)
Athol Street, Qt


Queenstown Resort College
It’s hidden away but man it’s a goody.
Coffee always quick, service always smiley and taste always just as I like itTime: 5 mins from order to coffee in my hand
Coffee: hot, med strength and with a smile

Hotops Rise, QT


VUDU (old)
I work near there so this is a bit of a cheat (when they say your name when you walk in that’s a good sign- right?)So this may jinx it a bit as they kinda know what I want. But I thought I’d mention it as it’s a favourite, they have good magazines (I’m flippant- so kill me) and if I didn’t avert my eyes when I went in from the cakes i’d be the size of Vudu (new)

Time: depends on the busyness. Can be 5 mins can be 15
Coffee: Jana is a marvel so very good (look I know her name, this is not good and means I go in there too much)
4/5 (only because of the time)

Beach Street, QT


Federal Diner
A not-so newbie anymore in Wanaka. Has the real potential for something happening in the yard area (bands anyone?) BUT the coffee is still goodTime: I sat in (controversial) So 15 mins it took.
Coffee: Good, a little strong but gorgeous swirly pattern on the top (gets me every time)

47 Helwick St, Wanaka

(i’ll give them an extra 1/2 point for the gorgeous raisin scone I stuffed down my throat. I get hungry doing all this work for you 🙂

So there you have it. A few of the goodies. You’re welcome. What’s that, you want me to do cake shops next……….
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