We travelled down to Colac Bay/ Riverton for the weekend of birthday-ness. A mere 2.15 hrs drive from Queenstown and the perfect place to go to if you want to get to the beach and eat your body weight in good food have some quiet time.
We rented Abalone Beach House which is right on the beach and comfortably sleeps 6. We also rented the little crib next door, as there were more of us and then we set to work eating, drinking, eating, walking on the beach, getting throttled by the waves, eating and basically larking about.

We then spent the next few days surfing (kind of), swimming in the ocean, eating (I feel there’s a theme….).
One of the best places for food in Riverton (just 9k’s down the road) is Mrs Clark’s Cafe. The owner is always friendly and makes you feel right at home. I ALWAYS go for the Cowboy Bean’s with added poached eggs. Spicy beany deliciousness on toast with 2 perfectly runny poached eggs. Great coffee, gooey ginger slices dripping in butter and a range of muffins and scones. There is also the delicacy of the south ‘southern sushi’ (cheese rolls to those in the know).

We then headed home for BBQ and beers. There may have been some dancing, there may have been some Lionel Ritchie. What a perfect birthday!

Abalone Beach House
Ian & Faye Brinsdon
03 234 8149/ 027 285 9859Mrs Clark’s Cafe
03 234 8600

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