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Nadene Milne Gallery: Max Gimblett Exhibition

Nadene Milne Gallery; Max Gimblett Exhibition 'Happy, Joyous and Free'. One of my absolute favourite things to do (no not cake) when it's rainy outside is to fill my tum with cake (ok ok you guessed), coffee, wrap up and wander the art galleries in Queenstown and...
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Spring Time in Queenstown

It's Spring! Spring, Spring, Spring. If I say it enough times it will cancel out all this wind we're experiencing at the minute. Dear Wind, Go away...... Anyway there's a abundance of things to do now the light nights are here and the days are longer. I've also been...
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Aprive Wellness Retreat Queenstown

We all know it's been Christmas and New Year. Our bodies know it's been Christmas and New Year and so they are all screaming "help me mind and will power, do something about it". The every-so-often popping opening of the top trouser button was becoming more and more...
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