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Matakauri Lodge Breakfast

I have no socks on. I know, I know, it's cold and Spring didn't get the memo but I have had my socks literally knocked off for breakfast. I was up early on a Wednesday, which is unusual for me as I'm not an early riser, but there was a breakfast to be had and not just...
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Lululemon Queenstown Winter Line

I love new running gear. I especially love new running gear that keeps me warm, dry and looking like I run and is from Lululemon. Looking like I run further than to the fridge for lemons for my gin. So when I got some new products from the audacious (yes it's Winter,...
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Snappers Queenstown Skippers Road

One of the most exciting things about this world of crazy social media and photography is the connections and friends I've made through it. Real friends. Not "oh hi I'll like you're photos and then leave because you now follow me" but real honest down to earth...
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