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Aida Maeby Collaboration

Aida Maeby. Gorgeous women's wear designed and made in Wellington by the gorgeous Jess Matthews. I've been following this clever lady along for a while now and she was one of my Christmas small business picks. She recently collaborated with the equally amazing Lucy of...
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How blogging can work for your business: Part One

I'm starting a couple of blog posts about the whole idea of blogging and social media and how it can work for you. I say it over and over, if you're social media's stuffed so is your product. Now don't get me wrong that doesn't mean you have to employ someone for 40...
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Upfront Bike Session at Frontroom Queenstown

I absolutely love my bike. Road and mountain biking in this town and indeed this area has some of the best trails and highways in the country. We're doing well on the two wheels front. Upfront this month has joined forces with Queenstown Trails Trust to bring us a...
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