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Chef’s Secrets- Introduction

You know the feeling. You go to a gorgeous new restaurant in town, you visit an old dining haunt and you order the same thing on the menu every time because you JUST LOVE IT. (And you’re sick of eating beans on toast- or is that just me)Well, no thanks needed (I want lots of thanks, particularly in the form of cake, things that sparkle and new bike wheels) but here you have it. Coming up Part One of secrets (just call me Sherlock) of those favourite dishes from your favourite places. Chef’s have picked their favourite starter, main,...

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Green Isle- Shola Coach House

Maybe a random post as this is not about Queenstown, but I feel it is. Good friends are made in Queenstown and often good friends decide to leave (humpf), decide to leave and go to Ireland (humpf) and then open a B&B (what!). Then Queenstownlife decides to travel home to the UK for a while and make a whistle-stop tour at said B&B (yay!) And yay it was.WOW. Shola Coach House Boutique Bed and Breakfast in Portrush, Northern Island is stunning. End of. My work is done.Just joking. My mum and I flew to Belfast for a week of...

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To market to market

Remarkables market is held every Saturday from 26th Oct 2013- 19 April 2014 in the Red Barn just past the Remarkables Town Centre entrance. (Out near the airport) Packed full of goodies such as coffee cart, baked goods, smoothies, jewellery, meats, cheeses, music, home wear, hand crafted goods its a bloomin’ good reason to get your bum out of bed early on a Saturday morning (8.30am-1pm) I had to stop going a few years back as the Almond Croissants were playing havoc with my waistline (sooooo good) but alas the pull to return was far too good. First stop...

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Colac Bay Birthday

We travelled down to Colac Bay/ Riverton for the weekend of birthday-ness. A mere 2.15 hrs drive from Queenstown and the perfect place to go to if you want to get to the beach and eat your body weight in good food have some quiet time. We rented Abalone Beach House which is right on the beach and comfortably sleeps 6. We also rented the little crib next door, as there were more of us and then we set to work eating, drinking, eating, walking on the beach, getting throttled by the waves, eating and basically larking about. Perfection. ...

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