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Winter Blues

My usual place RIGHT INFRONT OF THE FIRE. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the best person in winter. I get cold. I moan. I like to wear so many layers I don’t see my pasty skin for about 2 months. “Oh skin, I forgot about you. You’ve been hiding”. I usually end up drinking far too much red wine but you know “it’s winter”. (I can see my mother shaking her head already)So last year after another winter finding that the only conversations I was having were “what’s your source of heating”, “do you get pine...

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Love your ma day

People of the UK do you use the excuse- I don’t send my mum a mother’s day present in March because I live in New Zealand and then in May the same as she doesn’t live here? Just me? OK then…. The poor love. Well this year, people from ANYWHERE AND LIVING HERE knock her bloomin’ socks off and give her something nice. Whether you’re a kiwi or not pull our your wallet, get your glue gun out or just ring her and tell her she’s ace. I love my mum. Alot. And a big bunch of flowers ain’t...

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Front Room Tribal Art Exhibtion- 2nd-30th May

Front Room is a ever-changing space situated in Fluid Visuals on Memorial Street in Queenstown. I say ever-changing because that’s EXACTLY what happens every time I go there. The space looks completely different. And it’s not big by any means. I think they have some crazy in house team who come and design the space quickly before an audience comes in. Clever. Very clever. I digress. Ex-Queenstowner John Perkins flew for the British Royal Navy and was offered a position flying in New Guinea with Territory Airlines and arrived in August of 1965. Serving with the company for 3...

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Secrets of the Chef- True South Dining- The Rees Hotel (part Quatre)

True South Dining Room The Rees Hotel Frankton Road Queenstown 03 450 1100OOO Oh here’s a goody (they’ve all been goodies what am I on about? Too much coffee today).The lovely Ben Batterbury- he’s a Brit dontcha know (we’re EVERYWHERE) gave us a gorgeous recipe for you to try in the comfort of your own kitchen and we love him for it. True South Dining Room is part of The Rees Hotel on Frankton Road. A few years ago a friend said “lets go and eat some food in The Rees”. I replied “There’s a restaurant?” Oh was I...

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Secrets of the chef- Nosh Nosh Swigs(Part Trois)

Nosh Nosh Swigs Limerick Street AlexandraHidden away behind Furniture Court in Alex (Alexandra for us ‘locals’ ) is a relatively new kid on the block. I love a good burger. When I was 18 I remember waking from a dream about Sandy (Michelle Pfeiffer) eating a burger in Grease 2 and I woke up my flatmate to drive me to a local burger joint. So yes I love burgers. I won’t lie to you though, I haven’t tried this one but the name of it set me on fire. I will be making this, this weekend. 5 Spice Pulled...

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