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The Find

This post is very special. Not because I’m the world’s biggest cocktail in a teapot drinker, or I like a good backpacker night out, or even because I went to the World Bar ‘back in the day’. (I actually did though) but because there is a real heart beating at the centre of this piece. There was tears, there was booze and pyjamas and then there was a call to action. 1996. I was 17. I wore Dr Martins (the first time, there has been renewal). I loved Stone Temple Pilots. I was in a little place called England....

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Pony Lane

Notice said ‘man bag’, so when you google ‘man bags’ boys and men, this blog will come up. See what I did there? I blog for all- man, woman and child.And now back to me and my shopping. Welcome readers to Pony Lane. A heaven, ultimate heaven, in online shopping. For all those things you need (and don’t need, I’m not that evil) online for 24 hours out of the day. That’s all day shopping. Even when you should be asleep. I love shopping in Queenstown and Central, I really do, but sometimes there’s just not the right thing...

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So, I made a wee calendar for what’s coming up in the next couple of months here But this week is going off in Queenstown!! It must be people feeling the cold, or wanting to drink pinot, or something but there’s so much going on. First off Friday Night (23rd) is The Find’s first anniversary of the (devastating) fire. And to celebrate/ commiserate it proper they’re raising some good ol’ cash and having a shin-dig alongside The Source magazine. $5 entry and so much talent to see. We’ll be there with bells on. Saturday 24th The Find (we...

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Secrets of the Chef- Madam Woo (Part Cinq)

Madam Woo 5 The Mall Lower Ballarat Street Queenstown 03 442 9200 Fan-dabby-dosy. Those were the exact words I used to describe the food here. And that word doesn’t come out lightly.Fan-dabby-dosy (fan-dabbi-dozy) To describe something amazingly wonderful. Usually Madam Woo’s food.  From the Scottish TV series The Krankies.  Onto the food. Madam Woo has only recently arrived on the fair shores of Queenstown but has taken the place by storm. Described as Chinese and Malay style street food, they serve up delicious dishes to share (I didn’t want to and got upset). Josh Emett and Fleur Caulton have done it...

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Dark Black 

I first eyed up DarkBlack rings a number of years ago. I spied this badboy in a cabinet in Wanaka and vowed to make her mine one day.Then this weekend we came face to face again.  I was lucky enough to meet and cast my peepers over Jade Muirhead’s gorgeous collection, some older some new, and when I described the ring “the one with the nobbles on” she knew exactly which one I was talking about.  There she was. And I fell in love all over again. There’s not only rings though. Oh no. There was pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets all moulded together in a dark and...

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