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Run Forest Run- The Frontrunner Series (Active QT)

The Frontrunner Series (5k and 10k) has been running for a while now (I’m old I can’t remember) and the great recipe of a community feel with a kick ass course never fails to disappoint. I still have nightmares about ‘the‘ hill as most of us do but I love getting out of my house on a saturday morning and know that I’m going to see some great friends, try and run so fast I throw up on my shoes and hang around for the great spot prizes at the end. I DO NOT stick around to try and...

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So Sweet Wedding Hire

I turned up to meet Kelly from So Sweet Wedding Hire  at her home on a foggy afternoon in Luggate and I was met by homemade cup cakes. The deal was sealed, the fire was on and the cat and dog was settled by it and I was ready to hear her story.I was intrigued by So Sweet when I first stumbled across pages and pages of pictures of antique furniture and china teacups (an obsession of mine) on Facebook. I was not planning a wedding (before you all ask) but I zoomed over to her website as I wanted...

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Jesus Christ Superstar- Queenstown

I like theatre as much as the next man, but my life is so social at the moment (ok I can’t move from the fire and my big socks) My gorgeous roving reporter offered to write me a piece about Jesus Christ Superstar. There is so much talent in this town and community theatre is NOT what it was in my day- sets falling over and borrowing your grans tights for a costume. Thank you Katharine Franey (and now please stop singing at 7am) I have watched an obscene amount of musicals, including many on the West End and on Broadway (yes, I’m a musical geek). I love the hustle and bustle of the audience as they make their way to their seats, the powerful vocals from the cast, the dramatic music from the orchestra. To me, the best performances are those that literally give me goose-bumps and bring tears to my eyes! So, when Queenstown Life asked me to write a review of Showbiz Queenstown’s amateur production of Jesus Christ Superstar, I jumped at the chance and went to see the final night’s performance at the Memorial Hall. For starters, this was far from amateur. For those of you may not be aware, Jesus Christ Superstar has one of the most difficult songs in all of musical theatre to navigate. So, when the very talented and local performer...

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Secrets of the chef- Oska Inkster-Baynes

Oska is not only really fast at running he’s pretty smart when it comes to the ol’ recipes in the kitchen. He also lives in Wanaka. I love Wanaka so we’ll get along.Trained as a chef (and now training for the Olympics. I mean why not, easy transition) he comes up with all sorts to keep him (and his wife) happy and healthy during the running week. (so you know its good for you!) He also has a fantastic new website go check it out! Thank you Oska Matakana Superfoods Coconut sugar, date and cashew nut cake Serves 12Ingredients From the market 3 oranges 6 large free range eggs From the pantry 250g cashew nuts 200g dried dates 1 tsp baking soda 4 tsps baking powder 2½ Tbs Matakana Superfoods cacao powder 65g Matakana Superfoods coconut sugar 75g Matakana Superfoods coconut flour 4 Tbs local honey 220g ground almonds Method For the cake 1. In a large heatproof bowl mix 150g dates, 150g cashew nuts and baking soda. 2. Pour boiling water over and cover with cling film. 3. Leave to soften for at least 2 hours – should be very soft. 4. Preheat oven to fan bake 160C degrees. 5. Strain dates and cashews and keep liquid. 6. In a kitchen whiz, place dates, cashews, 2 peeled oranges, 65g coconut sugar, 2 tablespoons of honey and 50ml...

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The Find

This post is very special. Not because I’m the world’s biggest cocktail in a teapot drinker, or I like a good backpacker night out, or even because I went to the World Bar ‘back in the day’. (I actually did though) but because there is a real heart beating at the centre of this piece. There was tears, there was booze and pyjamas and then there was a call to action. 1996. I was 17. I wore Dr Martins (the first time, there has been renewal). I loved Stone Temple Pilots. I was in a little place called England....

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