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Burger Love 

Red Star Luxury Burger Ardmore St Wanaka 03 443 9322 Im going to be the most controversial I’ve ever been in my life. I’m not talking about the Palestine/ Israel crisis or Iran or even how crap chocolate fish actually are (oh jeez there I go) No. Something much more than that. The fact that I think *deep breath* Red Star burger is slightly better than FergBurger. There I said it. I hope nobody know’s where I live. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been living here a while and I’ve done my fair share of late night stand at the hatch and shout “I just need a Fergburger with cheese, why won’t anyone listen to me”. But I tried Red Star a number of years ago and I was hooked. They offer sweet potato fries. I can’t argue with that. Located in Wanaka on Ardmore street, they have parking right outside, a lovely new patio area to sit and stuff your burger in your mouth, great music playing and lovely cheery staff to cater to every burger need you may have. Im telling you, they are the next thing. Check them...

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Issimo Queenstown

When there’s shoe’s to be written about I get a bit sweaty. Luxurious leather, fine Italian lines and heels high high high. I can’t walk in them to save my life, infact I’m a bit of a liability, but this shop has me breathless whenever I open the glass doors. We have been lacking in Queenstown for such luxury and such a great selection of shoes, men and women, for a while now. If you want trainers, flip-flops (jandals/ thongs- the age old debate) or mountain climbers you’re sorted but gorgeously sculpted you-won’t-see-anyone-else-in-them shoes we were a bit stuck....

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Otautahi Tattoo Queenstown

I was slightly nervous about this one. I don’t frequent tattoo parlour’s much and I had the image of scary dark corners and spikey tattooed men shouting for some reason. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Shame on me once (bad) shame on me twice (unacceptable) There was thrash metal though, I give them that. And I do have to say its been about 15 years since I sat and listened to that for so long. Family Jeremy I met with Jeremy, one part of the Otautahi ownership. A man who had the kindest face in the world. I...

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Eichardt’s for Breakfast

I’ve only ever had a lovely cozy evening drinking fine wines in Eichardt’s Hotel. You know the usual evening dining on amazing tapas and Central Otago Pinot surrounding by the hoi poloi of Queenstown, fire roaring and the gentle clinking of glasses. (It’s not usual at all, it’s a rarity which I love to do. It’s usually beans on toast with a mug of tea) But on this particular morning my friend and I fancied breakfast in town (we live on the edge) and we wanted somewhere we hadn’t been before. The wind was cutting right through our puffa jackets and so we literally ran towards Eichardt’s. “But it’s our dinner destination” we both gasped “can we be totally reckless and try breakfast?” I told you we were crazy. And i’m very glad we chose here. We settled next to the fire and pulled on the big fluffy blankets draped over the large sofas. I love Eichardt’s for that. You really feel like you’re on holiday and in a hotel (which you are obviously) but there aren’t many hotel bars anymore and this one is so special as its been here so long. It’s luxury but without the snobbyness and you are made to feel right at home. We both ordered coffee’s and the cooked breakfast, her with brioche, me with toast and both opted for poached eggs instead...

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Secrets of the Chef- The Landing 

The Landing 80 Ardmore Street Wanaka 03 443 5099 The Landing has one of the best views of Wanaka I know. The sunsets from there blow me away and so paired with amazing cuisine, I knew their recipe would be sublime. And it is. A little bit more difficult than usual, but I think a little pushing is often good in the kitchen. (Usually for me that means grated cheese on my bean’s on toast) Cauliflower Veloute with Winter Greens (gluten free) In the restaurant this dish is served as a vegetarian option on our large plates section, and...

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