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My Queenstown Life wk 28th July

We have so many beautiful views and scenes here in Queenstown and Central Here’s my week! Start to the week- doesn’t get better! Lululemon Queenstown- Open! Felt like Spring Altitude Brewing Studios, Queenstown My best post this week! Shows we all love food! Catching a rainbow The Crowne Range Urban Grind,...

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Altitude Brewing Studios

I’ve just sampled some of the finest beer from right here in Queenstown. I’m a lightweight, so forgive me if I hiccup throughout. I’ve also just met a very hungry man. Hungry for action, for good taste, for quality and for beer. Altitude Brewery is the brainchild of said hungry man Eliott Menzies. A long term Queenstowner (rare in these parts) and brewer of a fine selection of beers, small for now but I see the future and the future shows a long list. And its shows me drunk, drinking a fine selection of beers. Hiccup (I told you)...

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Secrets of The Chef- Francesca’s Italian Kitchen 

Wow Wanaka you have a winner here. Wood fired pizza, sumptuous desserts, salads a plenty, pasta, beer, wine, soup *hears the start of engines* Here we have a favourite of Francesca’s that Belinda (co-owner) and James (Executive Chef and co-owner) sent us. Farro can be bought from The Mediterranean Market in Queenstown and Wanaka. “This farro salad is a great dish because it is easy to make but is absolutely delicious. It goes very well with grilled fish or chicken and would be a lovely Spring dish if you wanted to use this a little later in the year....

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Lululemon Opening Part 2

The new Lululemon Queenstown store is open and I went down there for a look. I am nosey by nature and so I wanted to see every nook and cranny they had, so I went down there the day after too and tried on some clothes. They even wrote my name on the changing room door. Class. Pure class. Lululemon was originally launched in Canada in 1998 with it’s mantra ‘sweat once a day’ it has grown into an internationally recognised product. Queenstown’s new hub is a clothing store/ community information point/ yoga lovers dream destination with the fire...

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