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Book Club Vulgar Things by Lee Rourke

Poppy Loves Book Club Queenstown round 2 is well on it’s way. This month we are reading ‘Vulgar Things’ by Lee Rourke. What they’re saying: “The poetry of estuary landscapes muddy creeks, silhouettes of refineries, the slow passage of giant container ships, the flat horizon shines through Lee Rourke’s prose with a black luminescence” Tom McCarthy We meet every month at Madam Woo in The Mall so come join us! The book club also links with other book clubs around the world and we meet online every month too (a few days after as it’s early in the morning)....

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My Queenstown Life wk 25th August

Spring is most definitely on it’s way and I’m as happy as a sand boy (where does that saying come from?) This week I’ve eaten the best bread in the world, learned and armed myself with some new info on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which you can read about here, listened in awe as the new Aspiring Conversations was launched (you’re in for a treat!) met with the gorgeous Lusso / I Heart Design (post to come) and attended the opening party of Gay Ski Week (with my first media pass no less). I need to lie down tonight...

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Start Up Weekend Queenstown

In all things scary, I will find this to be one of the most scary things. But at the moment I’m all about doing stuff and giving it a go, flaws out there and balls to the wind (as it were). Start Up Weekend¬† have been gaining some momentum around the world and now it’s here in sunny Queenstown! I have signed up because I want to learn more about myself (not in a deep and meaningful way but in a what I find difficult and how I overcome that way) and I also want to meet others in...

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The People’s Bread, Wanaka

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting The People’s Bread for some toast and tea over in Wanaka. The sun hadn’t peeped out of the clouds yet and I was settled warm and cozy in Ruth and Jeremy’s abode slurping tea and saying yes yes yes to toast, butter and jam. The fire was on, we got cracking. I was first introduced to The People’s Bread when I helped out at TedxWanaka some months ago. The first meeting saw us chomping on bread that Ruth had brought us. Warm, thickly slathered with butter, the sourdough (of which the loaves...

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SEO Training Course Queenstown

This morning I had the privilege of attending the Southern Pr and Fully Charged Media course about SEO. For all you out there who are unsure of these ‘techy’ terms this stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Plainly put it’s how you rank on search engines, how people find you which then leads to more business and more people reading your stuff. For me this is priceless information. I need this stuff, I want this stuff and now I am armed with this stuff. (And possibly quite dangerous. I will be spouting ‘techy’ stuff all over my housemate. She is...

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