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My Queenstown Life Wk 8th September

This week Spring really sprung. Can you feel Summer coming? I think the weather’s going to change and hit us with a big ‘told you so’ and get cold again. But for now, I don’t care. I’ve got my jandals/ thongs/ flip-flops on and my feet can turn blue all they want. I visited Cruickshank Furniture Design for an insightful piece due out soon, finally Fat Badger is open again and we are so pleased. My waistline, however, is grumpy. I met a gorgeous lady who is making people laugh with her Sweet Pix Photo Booth and the skies were...

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SweetPix Photo Booth

You know the scene. White dress, mother-in-law in floods of tears, cake (I’m smitten already), band playing Michael Jackson on the lawn. You’ve had your fill, smooched to a dance or two and out of the corner of your eye you see it. A upright tall box standing, waiting, alone. You’re intrigued. Your curiosity gets the better of you. Wandering over there’s a few people gathered. There’s costumes, hats, moustaches on sticks, your mother is laughing more than she has in years and is pulling faces at your dad dressed as a policeman. What is this thing? Welcome to...

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Secrets of the Chef Burt Ritos

A gorgeous little caravan kept appearing on my Instagram feed and I wanted to know where it was. Wanaka! Yippeee I shouted as I got in my car. I absolutely love Mexican food and I know you do too. Now you can make your very own in your own kitchen. Bazinga!! Burt. Ritos is burritos (of course), tacos, drinks and delights all contained in this gorgeous caravan! You can find them on: 51 Browston Street, Wanaka. They are on FB, Instagram and their website and of course the good ol’ telephone (021 202 3871) Thank you Burt.Ritos Enjoy! Mexican Ancho-...

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My Queenstown Life Wk 1st Sept

Another week gone and it’s September already. We welcomed in Spring- HELLO SPRING. I’m happy can you tell! Gay Ski Week got off to a cracking start, I ziplined all the way down from the Gondola with Ziptrek and there were bike rides a plenty. Get that scrubbing brush out people because if you’re like me, the house hasn’t been cleaned since last spring and I suspect there are going to be BBQ’s a plenty this...

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Lusso and I Heart Design

I am blown away at what women are doing in this community. Squirrelled away in their homes creating, designing, business-ing. (It’s a word damn-it) And all the while keeping up with family, children, work, looking good, paying the bills and laying driveways. Which is the state of play I met the gorgeous Amie in at her home in Jack’s Point. The driveway was being layed. Actually being layed. I said I’ll come back but nothing was a problem for Amie, who took it all in her stride as we settled into her gorgeous front room, sun streaming in, clouds...

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