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A wonderful afternoon with Altitude Tours

It’s been hot. Really really hot here in Queenstown and Central Otago. So who wouldn’t want to go and sip wine all afternoon with Altitude Wine Tours? We jumped aboard their gorgeous air-conditioned bus WITH wifi (for all my Instagram Stories) and set off into Gibbston, the wine makers and tasters dream destination. Altitude Wine Tours picked us up from our driveway and shuttled us off. A wonderful introduction from manager Heidi and I knew we were in for a treat. Big girl wine pants on! Gibbston Valley now stands with it’s head tall on the world’s wine stage...

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Delicious Platters with Welcome Pack

Heading away on a holiday is dreamy. You’ve got your best pants packed, your sunhat floating in the breeze, suncream at the ready and then you arrive at your gorgeous destination and there’s absolutely nothing in the fridge. No milk for your cuppa, no bread or cheese to sample whilst languishing on the lawn. You have to take your gorgeous sunhat and suncream smelling self down to the local supermarket and ruin your holiday experience in one fell swoop. Fear not fellow sunbathers! Welcome Pack is just that. A little welcome “hello” as you land in your hotel, bach...

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Peta Carey ‘A Place for the Heart’

  I first read one of Peta Carey‘s articles in North and South Magazine when I first arrived in New Zealand and was completely in awe of this woman film maker, writer, mother. When her partner Dave Comer sadly passed away she gathered all of his photographs, stories and memories into a book ‘A Place for the Heart’ which we now talk about in this podcast. I’m so grateful to be able to spend some time with Peta talking about her memories of Dave, the land and the beauty we are surrounded by here in New Zealand. Hope you...

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Mons Royale SS18 Hypernatural

Mons Royale is like the sports enthusiasts dream. Cool (literally in material and stature), classic (I mean Mons is SNOW backwards…I know I know I didn’t realise. I’m an idiot), created in Wanaka and worn all over the world, Mons is simply a product you want in your suitcase, all over your body and in your santa’s sack this Christmas. INFACT Santa will be wearing it delivering your presents because he’s known for his base layer needs. It’s cold and hot out there people. Most of the time when I’m on my bike I cobble together an outfit that...

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Ambassador for Dr Feelgood

I absolutely love small business and I absolutely love small business here in New Zealand and try and work and promote them as much as possible. We’re all out there slogging away trying to do it right and so when the opportunity comes up to work alongside one of the best…well of course I jumped. Dr Feelgood are out there doing amazing things for you tastebuds. Creating the most wonderful fabulous ice pops the world has ever seen AND using only the best ingredients (no refined sugar here). If you’re DAIRY FREE you’re sorted, if you’re jelly-top obsessed then...

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