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Podcast The Scott and Jane Show: Photography

Another exciting instalment in The Scott and Jane Show! We recently discussed ‘films’ and how they impacted and impact on our lives. You can listen here! This time we talk about photography, a hot topic currently with everyone being ‘one’. With the rise of social media and camera phones, more and more people are getting creative (and rightly so), learning to experiment and find ways of expressing themselves through image. Who has the right to call themselves a photographer? Do you have to have a degree? Does anyone care? What do traditionalists think of the rise of Instagram? Does...

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Dunedin and the 5 things you must do

A trip to Dunedin recently made me look at the city in a whole different way. Sneaky backstreets, quiet corners, basement restaurants and hidey holes all wrapped up in a week of ID Fashion. I spent the day with Dunedin Tourism and a two hour tour quickly turned into a “do you want to keep going?” day. This was Dunedin. Of course I wanted to keep going. Along for the ride was the wonderful Georgina Safe from Sydney who giggled in glee alongside me at all the delights we saw. Here is my 5 things you must do. And...

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Luxury Accommodation in the Clouds at Lakehouse Joela

A couple of seconds walk from the start of the Frankton Track (one of Queenstown’s best easy walking tracks) is Lakehouse Joela. Set back amongst the trees, Lake Wakatipu in all it’s beautiful glory, Lakehouse Joela is one of Relax It’s Done‘s jewel in the crown. Architecturally mind boggling, this ’tilt shift’ house was built (and I don’t really know my architectural terms but I know what I like) to take in the lake and all it’s surrounds in one fell swoop. You can see The Remarkables, Cecil Peak and Queenstown and still feel like you’re hidden away in...

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Aida Maeby Collaboration

Aida Maeby. Gorgeous women’s wear designed and made in Wellington by the gorgeous Jess Matthews. I’ve been following this clever lady along for a while now and she was one of my Christmas small business picks. She recently collaborated with the equally amazing Lucy of Born in Daylight ¬†textiles and magic was born. A brand new collection due for release mid February. I’m so excited to have these two on my blog as they are the epitome of what my work is about. Small business, collaboration and their values align so perfectly with mine. I caught up with Jess...

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Cycle Higher Art Exhibition

Cycling is a huge part of my life and a huge part of Queenstown’s life (see what I did there). Cycle Higher has been a member of the Queenstown family for only a few short months but they’re making a mark on the scene here. Speed dating, clothing, cycle hire and of course not forgetting a lovely space for exhibitions. Currently on is Otto Von Beach and Beachomatic’s ‘On the Beach’. A gorgeous collection of prints to swoon over and ultimately place in your front room. After buying them of course. On for an extended period (Monday 20th March)...

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