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I’d started seeing this ‘UYOC‘ sign on social media and was intrigued to know what it was. ‘Understand Your Owl Calls’? ‘Undervalued Young Otters Collaborate’? No, no, no dear readers ‘Use Your Own Cup‘ is here and a revolution is beautifully happening. I am yet to meet founder Laura Cope (we’ve met ‘on the line’) but from her social media platforms I can tell this woman is excited about the prospect of what the future of cafes and meeting spaces could be. I’m diving in….. UYOC (pronounced you-yok) cafe guide puts together all cafes, juice bars and eateries in...

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Small Business and Social Media. Where to Start?

I recently spoke at Queenstown Wedding Association’s get-together about social media. A short workshop (that went over time, doesn’t it always when you get to the nitty gritty?) about the whats, wheres, hows of social media and where to start. Lots of slightly apprehensive, confused people worried they were ‘going to do it wrong’. And busy. Already so busy. “Where can we fit more in?” they cried. I can help. Social media is a fickle beast. We know that now. It changes every day, it’s hard to keep up BUT if you get it right and fit it into...

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Cycling Higher in Queenstown

A bike shop can be many things; a scary little place full of lycra, tyres, chains and old men talking about stuff you wouldn’t want to understand OR a haven of clothing, art, beautiful bikes, coffee and knowledge. Cycle Higher is the latter and oh what a delight. Its all about cycling hire – get it? 😉 Right in the centre of Queenstown where cycling trails are rife, Cycle Higher is a combination of beautiful bikes to hire, gallery space (featuring some of the best local and international artists) and a shop full of beautiful apparel for you to...

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New Zealand Festival 2018

February 23rd to March 18th sees Wellington light up to the New Zealand Festival. A month of dance, theatre, music, song and family events set to wow, inspire, educate, innovate and basically make you smile knowing that you live and/or are visiting one of the best countries in the world. Wellington is one of my favourite cities (I’m a huge fan of TEDxWellington) and you can see why here with this incredible lineup.  My picks for the festival (but be sure to tell me yours): Barber Shop Chronicles.  Peter and the Wolf. Star Wars: A New Hope The Piano:...

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Conscious eating with Ode Wanaka

When an intriguing new restaurant popped up in my Instagram feed I was intrigued to get there. Ode Wanaka is open and the hub bub that surrounds it and it’s ‘conscious dining’ ethics are something I had to see for myself. Welcome to Ode. Head Chef Lucas Parkinson and his team have been concocting good food dishes from scratch for around six months now. In basic terms this means food that is organic, ethical, sustainable, seasonal and supports other local growers and ‘makers’ to become part of their dishes. They also hope to have a 150k supply ring by...

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