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High Tea at The Hilton Queenstown

I am a lover of cake and all things sweet. You’ve known me a while now and know that cake rules my universe. I like to pretend that I’m also posh and know about all things eloquent (a girl can dream) and when I heard that The Hilton Queenstown ( Wakatipu Grill ) were providing High Tea at their gorgeous right-on-the-water restaurant I rang the Queen to ask if she fancied popping over. High Tea has it’s origins in the 19th century, an experience of the rich and included cakes and finest teas to quench the thirst of the...

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Cruikshank Furniture Queenstown

“Furniture as art, rather than furniture as furniture” Ed Cruikshank I feel like I’ve just come away from confessional. Telling all my secrets of why I love this work the why’s, where’s and what if’s to a man whom I’ve only just met. A man completely smitten with the idea that beautiful things should be available to all. And he wants to do it. One piece of beautiful furniture at a time. Ed Cruikshank is one of the nicest furniture makers I’ve ever met. And I’ve met a few. I’m lying I haven’t really met any, but I was...

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Locals- Jayne Cadby Midwife

Usually on my ‘locals’ section I send questions out to said guest and they fill them in as appropriate but for this special one I wanted to write a piece 1) about a new community I’ve joined in the past month and 2) highlight a part of Queenstown that I don’t normally chat about. Midwives. If you’re a follower of mine on Instagram (come say hello!) you’ll see there’s a new addition to my family. A baby. I have no idea what I’m doing (does anyone) and for the past 8 months or so I’ve been regularly seeing Jayne...

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Secrets of the Chef- The MacPherson Diaries

This woman is incredible. Businesses, children, partner, dog and all the while cooking away in her wee kitchen. Jana McPherson has helped me along the way with my new baby and business more than she will ever know. I love comfort food and this stuff blows it all out of the box. When you just can’t be bothered preparing something that takes forever these two recipes will hopefully help you out when life is just too busy and you want some dam. good. food. Jana MacPherson also writes a brilliant blog The MacPherson Diaries which you can find here....

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Locals- Rachel Rose Queenstown

Rachel Rose has worked and supported the community in many roles in the past, she now heads up HR and Recruitment at Southern Discoveries and is still involved in Citizens Advice Bureau. A fellow Brit, she has made Queenstown her home for the past nine years. Who are you, what’s your story? Rachel Rose (nee Heathcote), born Stockport (nr Manchester) a long long time ago. Left the UK to travel the world in 1995 and met a Kiwi in Auckland the following year.  Got my residency when it was easy and cheap, and apart from a brief stint back...

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