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If you’ve got 1-3 days in Queenstown

So many travel to Queenstown now as a ‘must do’ destination in New Zealand and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the amount of things to do here. Spending money and what to spend it on is key if you want to get the most out of the place but also seeing it like a local is so important too. Queenstown has so many layers and I want you to see them whether you’re jetting in for the day or staying for a while. I get emails all the time with people asking what they should do, so I...

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Locals- Mauro and Rebecca Empanada Kitchen Queenstown

I first tried The Empanada Kitchen’s tasty treat at Remarkable’s Market and have been hooked since! Mauro and Rebecca have solidified their ‘local’ status above and beyond, bringing Argentinian/ Italian/ English flavours to our little community. Who are you, what’s your story. We are Mauro and Rebecca Viale (Argentinian / Italian and English, respectively). We met about 11 years ago at the Queenstown Lodge (many locals may remember it, a hotel in Fernhill) and after travelling a bit and living overseas in the French Alps, Edinburgh and Buenos Aires, we returned to Queenstown in 2009. Together we own The...

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A cozy fireside dinner at Kika Wanaka

The clever clever people at Francesca’s Kitchen; Francesca Voza and James Stapley bring you Kika. Right in the heart of beautiful Wanaka, tapas style dishes oozing with freshness and local produce. To share- either piccolo (small) or grande (larger) and then the ‘Just feed me’ menu (which we experienced), all delicious, full of flavour and a beautiful fireside table to boot, we were in cozy eat-all-the-food heaven. Kika have cemented themselves as a ‘must-do’ here in Wanaka. It’s dark and seductive enough for a first date (nothing better than sharing food with a new date to get to know...

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Making yoga all that much brighter with Courage My Love

I only got into yoga last year after years and years of moaning “pilates is my thing”. One class and I was hooked. You see I like things I find hard, and I like to sweat and this class made me sweat. Only thing about it was my boring as boring black running tights that I had to wear. I wanted some kerpow with my vinyasa. Know what I mean? Last year I also joined the Women who Get Shit Done Team in Christchurch and at the event met an amazing lady (who completely gets shit done) Persephone. And...

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Twitter and why New Zealand businesses need to get onboard

I use Twitter alot. I love it. I love those 140 characters that I get and I love it for finding out news and info straight away. A good friend of mine gave me an amazing description of what it is when I said many businesses here in New Zealand don’t use it because they don’t ‘get it’. “Google is like the dead internet (i.e. stuff that’s happened) and Twitter is like the alive one (stuff happening right now)” and I totally agree. If there’s a world event happening, a conference in Ethiopia, a concert, a new book, an...

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