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Quiet places to eat your lunch in Queenstown

When I work in town I love to take my sandwich (or chocolate bar really healthy smoothie) down to a place where I know it will be quiet. Away from the hustle and bustle of the town and somewhere I can get some shots for Instagram that evening and also Here’s my list of secrets for you to enjoy your lunch. If you’re there and you see me say hi. I’ll be the one scoffing chocolate meditating. Little beach Sunshine Bay. If you wander along the Sunshine Bay Track a little way there’s a few little beaches off...

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Remarkables Market Season 2017-18

My favourite time of year is Spring. The flowers come out, the sun starts to shine, everyone is shinier and brighter and the Remarkables Market returns. This time for it’s eighth season (total staying power). The Remarkables Market is a wonderful display of produce and products all brought together by an amazing team and they’ve expanded again this year with more things to buy for your plate, your kitchen, your garden, your home and your tummy (“all the cake” I hear you cheer!) They’ve also added a beautiful pergola for this year alongside the gorgeous Red Shed, which is...

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The Chocolate Tour NZ

You know in the middle of the night when you’re craving..something and you wish it would land  on your doorstep right there for you to enjoy? I often have this with chocolate and then The Chocolate Tour came into my life and all my prayers were answered (well not all, I still look really bad in yellow). The Chocolate Tour is a heavenly creation of the clever Rosa who, unsurprisingly, loves chocolate and all things chocolately. She wants to bring you all the best New Zealand chocolate right to your door without you having to leave your house, heave...

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Art Galleries in Queenstown

I absolutely LOVE art galleries and I love the Queenstown Art Galleries.  I love the smell of them (they have one…sniff….) the feeling, the calmness, the serenity. To know that all the stuff on the walls will make you feel something. Whether you’re a Pollock lover or a Monet hater art galleries are like libraries. They are part of the heart of a place. I always go to the library and the art gallery when I visit a new city or town to find out what’s going on and to meet new people. So here are my favourites in this fine town. Some...

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My Food Bag arrives in Queenstown

I am the worlds laziest cook and I’m even worse when it comes to shopping for recipes. I love to eat food, taste food, dine out for food but when it comes to preparing it I turn into my 18 year old student self and create an epic cornflake-toast dish most nights. With my family extending recently the need to eat good food and eat it quickly became all the more apparent and important. Thankfully for us My Food Bag has arrived here in Queenstown and I was lucky enough to try it out. It’s as simple as– pick your...

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