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Locals- Scott Kennedy Queenstown

Scott Kennedy/ Queenstown/ My friend and fellow podcaster (which you can listen to here). A local in this parts for over 15 years and still going strong. Who are you? What’s your story? I’m Scott Kennedy – I’m an artist, musician, photographer, filmmaker, writer, educator, coffee addict, wine drinker, storyteller, troublemaker. Born in Canada, moved to Queenstown 15yrs ago and haven’t looked back since. For years I worked for Lonely Planet writing books for them – a long time ago I described going to Fergburger as, “less about burgers and more a right of passage”… The lines got a...

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Karina Fay. Sense of Place. A Photographic Ensemble.

Karina Fay is a wonderful artist living in Wanaka, her exhibition ‘Sense of Place’ is to open at FrontRoom Gallery for the whole of May 2017. A beautiful display of her new work since moving from Wellington to Wanaka in November 2011. Finding a “sense of home” and “sense of place” is something many of us search for and something that Karina relates to. Who are you, what do you do? I’m an artist and designer living in Wanaka – originally from Wellington, I moved here in November 2011.  I paint large abstract and/or vibrant artworks using a variety...

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Surviving your first Queenstown Winter

Queenstown in Winter is a interesting beast. I’ve had a few of them now and thought I’d get my tips down for you newbies. How to get by, where to go for the cheapest stuff and some helpful things to get you through. I don’t know about you, but I’m not the best person in winter. I get cold. I moan. I like to wear so many layers I don’t see my pasty skin for about 2 months. “Oh skin, I forgot about you. You’ve been hiding”. I usually end up drinking far too much red wine but you...

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WWGSD Christchurch

I’ve only got round to summing up an amazing experience that I was involved in earlier this year. After attending Wellington’s Women Who Get Shit Done last year a few of us came together and decided to do it down here on the South Island. 110 women from all over New Zealand met together for two and half days in beautiful Governer’s Bay in Christchurch to talk, plan, forge friendships and generally get shit done into the future. A safe space for those who identify as women and non-binary people who get shit done to come together to collaborate,...

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Catch a Sunrise at Queenscliff

During Autumn there are some of the most amazing sunrises and sunsets here. You’ll be cooking your five minute noodles and glancing at the grey sky and then whammo, an abundance of pink greets you. The sky is on fire and you’re running for your phone like a photo genius. On my last visit for Relax It’s Done and their beautiful luxury accommodation list here in Queenstown I had the opportunity to stay at Queenscliff and see not only one sunset that made me cry but also a sunrise that had my curtains screaming for me to open them...

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