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Winemaker’s Weekends at Kinross

Wine. Making wine. Loving wine it’s all in my vocabulary and so mixing this with one of the most beautiful destinations and places to stay (hello Kinross) I literally picked up my corkscrew (see, what do I know? So much to learn) and jumped in my car to the first of many Winemaker’s Weekends. Kinross combines beautiful boutique accommodation (gorgeous cabins alert) with wine tasting, cellar door and bistro and for the months of July- Oct they are offering Winemaker’s Weekends. A whole weekend dedicated to wine, wineries and the wonderful stories behind the people who literally make the...

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Pregnancy treatments at Body Sanctum

Looking for spa treatments is a pain when you’re pregnant. You’re already in pain (thus looking for treatments) , so scouring the net for what you can and can’t have should not have to add to that pain. I wanted a massage and was searching when ‘ping’ my email went off and I received a message from the gods. The Body Sanctum gods to be exact. So I waddled off to see them right here in Queenstown town centre. Pregnancy massage and treatments can be either a) absolutely divine giving you a chance to settle, relax and be pampered or...

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Afternoon Tea at Grosvenor House London

Afternoon High Tea is on most people’s ‘must do’s in London’ and the one at Grosvenor House Hotel is an absolute Do.Not.Miss. My absolutely favourite London (and the world) blogger Poppy Loves and I sipped, oohed and ahhhed our way through a course or four while our cameras did all the work. We were settled into their elegant Park Room for the duration and my my my what a room. We were treated to the ‘Royal Rabbits Tea‘ which is a wonderful partnership between Simon and Schuster UK and the Grosvenor House Hotel based on the fantastical children’s series ‘The...

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What’s free for kids in Queenstown?

Now you’re reading we can begin. I don’t have sproglets (yet!!)  but I do have a love for them in the way they see the world and talk about the world. They can also sometimes (when they’re not costing you the earth) have a way of allowing you to see a place like Queenstown in a totally different way. New corners, new hidey holes. I have a niece and she’s miles away (sob sob) but if she came here these are the places I’d take her. And because we all like saving money some free activities are excellent too....

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Locals- Trent Yeo Queenstown

Trent Yeo Who are you, what’s your story As people told me when I arrived, ‘I’m not from round here’. To summarise I am am a Malaysian Chinese Australian, working with partners in Canada and have proudly chosen to live in New Zealand. I am good at not fitting in and simultaneously finding some commonality to the patchwork global town called Queenstown. Your work. What drives you, what makes it unique to you.  Oooh. Are you defined by your work or by what you do? Ok I am the Ziptrek guy. It sounds cliche but my favourite part is...

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