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Amisfield for Dinner

Call me stupid but I have lived down the road from Amisfield for a few years now and it’s never crossed my mind that it’s a fabulous dinner- dining location. Situated on the way to Arrowtown or to Queenstown from Central Otago it’s one of the most stunning locations for eating your way through the freshest of fresh produce and quaffing down a glass or two of their award winning wines. I’ve visited Amisfield many many times for lunch but on this occasion I was invited to try out their ‘Trust the Chef’ dinner menu and it did not...

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Yonder for Dinner

I bloody love Yonder. I’m just putting it out there as a statement. When I first heard about a new cafe coming to town I honestly said to a friend “it’ll be another cafe that I won’t go in because there’s so many”. I could have slapped my face with a big wet trout because Yonder appeared and literally my credit card statement looked like Yonder had stolen it and gone on a big fat holiday. I was in there every. single. day. I wasn’t in there just because I’d had a baby and I needed someone to talk...

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Relax It’s Done – The Bay House

An absolutely perfect way to see Queenstown and stay in some of the most beautiful accommodations we have here is to uncover Relax It’s Done and do just that. Relax. I HATE trawling the internet for the perfect place to stay. I want it all infront of me, ready and raring to go and all the little things I need to sort done for me. The Bay House is a wonderful example of a chic beautiful town house right on the lake edge, within walking distance to town’s attractions and enough distance away to listen to the waves lapping...

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The Butterfly Effect Wellness Retreat

Imagine a day breathing. Sounds so simple. Breathe in. Breathe out. Go on with your day. Now breathe in and then breathe out for much longer. Harder? I know. I recently spent a whole day breathing, eating, connecting, stretching, laughing, a little snoring, a little bit of being uncomfortable and discovering so much more about myself. This is The Butterfly Effect. Emma Ferris (if you look her up on Wikipedia it just says kind, lovely, knowledgable, slightly cheeky one. Disclaimer she may or may not be on Wikipedia) physio, pilates instructor and breathing expert led fifteen women through a...

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Pepa Stationery Christchurch

I remember that time just before the start of school where my mum would take me to the local stationery shop and I would pick out my new pencil case, pens and felt tips. The smell of a new rubber (or eraser in proper terms), bright and shiny pens waiting to have the end chewed, new books clean and fresh and ready to be filled (usually with ‘Jane 4 the boy I fancied at the time’) filled me with excitement. Then school started and I realised the boredom was real. But stationery was always legendary. Then with the new...

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